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Stefan Vegas

Stefan Vegas
66 years old
Birthday September 16
Lancaster, CA
  • General Info

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Fitness

  • Golf

Stefan's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Advanced Former Baseball Player, Baseball Fan 
 Intermediate Basketball Fan 
 Intermediate I exercise to maintain my health 
 Advanced Competitive Golfer 

Stefan's Profile

Height 5 feet 11 inches (180.3 cm)
Handedness Right Handed
Education College Degree
Occupation Other
Diet Generally healthy diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities several times a week
Languages English

Stefan's Bio

an ordinary man who has experienced extraordinary adventures in his life

Stefan's Education

High School Denby
Graduated in 1970
College Long Beach City College
AA Degree
Concentration in general curriculum/theater arts
Graduated in 1976

Stefan's Recent Status Updates

stefan vegas
stefan vegas Merry Christmas to all of you at ISport....have a prosperous and creative New Year! Oh, as this is a sports related website, may all of my teams win the championships of their leagues this coming year....Lakers, Patriots, Red Wings, and Tigers. Good luck to Oregon in the bcs championship game and here's hoping that UCLA basketball comes back to the glory years!
7 years ago   
Daley Tocher   at 5:30pm December 23
Mr. McCormick is a bit of what we call a "frontrunner," it would seem.
stefan vegas   at 4:00am December 24
Yes...frontrunner.....or you could say I appreciate excellence and admire well coached teams. I have been in California for many more years than I lived in Michigan so some of my blind allegiances to local teams have changed. I'm a sports fan first, a homer second. I do though still have some sentimentality left in me for the home teams I must admit....but the LIONS? I had a LIONECTOMY years
stefan vegas
stefan vegas I wish I was a sports hero and could tell my boss how stupid he is, get dumped, then sign with another team for 3-4 mil
7 years ago   
Chris M   at 5:45pm November 08
stefan vegas
stefan vegas any buzz on the Lebron sweepstakes?
8 years ago   
Chris M   at 4:18pm June 29
not yet. I'm still holding out for the Clippers!
Daley Tocher   at 7:41pm June 30
Spoken like a true Lakers fan, Chris!
stefan vegas
stefan vegas Chris, the lakers just traded for Nate Robinson....kidding.....
8 years ago   
Chris M   at 4:13pm June 25
AH. Don't do thast to me.
stefan vegas
stefan vegas Who's your favorite to win the U.S. Open in Pebble Beach? Can Tiger surprise? Will Phil become number one in the world rankings? My longshot is Tom Watson!
8 years ago   
Chris M   at 11:43pm June 19
although he did shoot a -1 70 today, which is awesome. And my prediction (Freddie) wasn't even in the tournament to start! Go Tiger!!
stefan vegas   at 2:28am June 20
the final round should be fun...Dustin Johnson, Graeme McDowell.....and a guy named Tiger.....wish I were off tomorrow to watch it.....